1. An exciting, engaging curriculum underlined by excellent teaching
2. A committed and caring employee
3. Regular physical activity for all students
4. A wide range of extra-curricular activities.

             At PRIMA Public School we are committed to the high achievement of all our students. We cultivate success and promote the highest aspirations through excellent teaching. We are a learning community that holds high expectations and actively strives to celebrate the good in every person.
          We inspire a zest for life-long learning and are committed to success for all.
           PRIMA Public School opened in 2012 and we are very proud of the long history of achievements achieved by our students. We have high expectations and we keep on ‘ raising the bar. ‘
              Our short sixth form ensures that the individual needs of all our students are met, in return for which we ensure that each person is well placed to help with their expected progress.
           Supported by a strong career program, our students succeed in their transition from school to employment, apprenticeship and further education and training. Students receive personal guidance on their next steps and we are proud to say that our school leaver figures are above the national average and 100% of our students have appropriate future steps.
        We have excellent facilities in a pleasant environment. Students will experience practical subjects using up-to-date technology in a purpose-built environment.

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