Prima Public School - CBSE Sshool in kodala, Ganjam
The word ‘school’ comes from the Greek phrase ‘schoole’, which initially meant ‘holiday’ it evolved slowly and today this physical unit has become commonplace as each nook of the arena has a number one master platform. There has been a deep trade on the educational landscape and these days, catchword is gaining overall knowledge ‘. Prima Public Schools aim to ignite, empower and educate students and result in lifestyles and overall development in the current society. It aims at living and enthusiastic children as empowered and empowered youths with knowledge and self-respect, when they emerge in the care of cherished palms and their mentors, ready to face the demanding conditions of the arena.
PRIMA PUBLIC SCHOOL’s vision and challenge is to raise young children and enable each child to enhance their personality experience, analyze art of choice, establish leadership facilities, develop life skills and incorporate some simple traits Those related to one’s development, inner self like humility, humility and self-control. We are for this reason that one of the best educational philosophers is governed by the ideology of Swami Vivekananda, who said – “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man.”
PRIMA Public School strongly believes within the Japanese word KAIZEN, which is ‘exchanged for good’. The Information and Communication Age (ICT) has revolutionized learning methodology and because the need of the hour is considered e-mastering as the fifth skill. The favor of listening, speaking, studying and writing. This era is used as an effective tool within the teaching-learning process. These days students can be equated as digital migrants as digital natives and teachers and together they can adapt to a virtual world for the dissemination of knowledge.
Prima will continue to lead in Progressive Performance to take the Force Progressive Initiative to carry out Public Scholastic