At Prima Public School we believe that true education is what helps a person to fully blossom. We combine academics with co-curricular activities and sports to achieve a right mix of body and mind because education is a dynamic discipline that makes a person confident, responsible, creative and independent.
The school will be part of the Central Secondary Education Commission. The medium of instruction is English. The academic session starts in the month of April every year. The school starts at nursery level up to class XII.
The curriculum is carefully planned at every level to make learning enjoyable. Unique activity based learning is a child’s journey from known to unknown. Experiences that have their roots in daily life are used to encourage a child to venture into new areas where learning becomes fun and an exercise of discovery; This in turn leaves an indelible impression in the students’ minds.
To make our students in the virtual world of teaching-learning more interesting in our digitally equipped classrooms. The concepts come alive and make learning easy and effective.
To motivate students, the school honors scholars with academic awards, certificates of merit and scholarships, scholar badges, scholar gowns, scholar relations and appreciation cards.
PRIMARY (Nursery & Prep) / PRIMARY SCHOOL (Classes I & II)
              “Negotiation” is the critical approach for the younger at this stage. This facilitates early development of linguistic, numeracy, motor and kinetic and communication skills of the child. The curriculum is “activity-focused” where teachers apply a traditional blend of love, care and Montessori and traditional teaching approaches. The classrooms are bright and the activity bubbles up with a cheerful look. Younger people are taken to the splash pool for swimming under expert guidance; Educational toys are used to ensure correct concept formation and a playground with slides, swings, lead, mira-go-rounds and a toy train. We have digital classroom teaching to make learning and teaching easier. Classes are alive with the use of 2D and 3D audio-visual animations that make complex concepts very easy to understand.
Your child is with us: 8.30 am to 12.30pm.
                At this level, special emphasis is placed on communication and self-expression. It sharpens their creativity and problem-solving skills. Learning at this level is also “activity-focused”, whereby a variety of learning aids (visual and audio) are used at a cognitive level for learning. They are taken to a computer lab to gain first-hand experience.
Your child is with us: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.